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Finding the Good

The year is about to end.  As you get older the rate at which they fly by becomes exponentially faster.  I feel like I’m only just accustomed to writing 2017 and already it’s about to change! 

I find it’s almost impossible at this time of year to not get a bit nostalgic about all that’s happened in the last twelve months.  Like most people it’s been full of ups and downs.  There’s been deaths and births, great catch ups and missed occasions.  We’ve had some long time staff leave and other staff still with us qualify for their long service leave.

The longer I work for myself the more like life in general I find it. How you feel about your business is largely a question of choice. Do you feel grateful for all of the great people who pass through your life because of what you do or do you focus on the last contract or tender you lost.  Life is very much the same. Do you find the joy in what you have or do you continually find fault?

Being happy and content is mostly a matter of what you give your attention to.  Focus on the good and be grateful for it and that’s what fills up your days - both at work and in life.  Focus on what’s not right and rage against the unfairness and that’s what your experience will be. 

For me, personally, despite it being a very hard year emotionally, I honestly think that I’m happier than I’ve ever been!  I hope your year has been filled with happiness and gratitude. And if it hasn’t - guess what? Now you have a great chance to try it all again.  Now take a big breath as you wave farewell to 2017 and look with hope for the coming year and all the happiness that it can bring!

Till next time,

Sarah-Jane X

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