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It’s been quite a while

Monday, 24 May 2021 12:18

It’s been quite a while since I was blogging regularly !  The main reason is that my health has been pretty ordinary.  Getting back to writing regularly still feels a little awkward.  Like exercising any muscle, I think in time it will start to flow more easily and feel more natural once again.

This year of being largely house bound has taught me quite a lot.  You can still accomplish things even when you’re sick and housebound.  Tiny steps still move you forward.  Every day has something good in it - even the really tough days but - you have to look for it.  The more you count your blessings the more blessings you have to count.  Being happy is mostly a choice.  Laugh as often as you can - it’ll make you feel good!  Be kind, especially to yourself - it’ll make you feel good.  Do things that you enjoy - it’ll make you feel good.  Be around people who make you feel good! 

I’ve discovered that I actually quite like learning new things.  I like meeting new people and talking with them.  I like trying new products and services (so much that I have to be careful not to lose focus).  I can manage more than one business - I just have to prioritise what needs doing and work within my energy capabilities.

You may have noticed that not a lot of those lessons were about business but in many respects they are!  Choosing to be happy at work as well as in life has had a big effect on my overall satisfaction. Laugh when you’re at work (at appropriate times of course), be kind to everyone in your business, especially yourself.  Do stuff at work that you enjoy.  Be around people who make you feel good.  

So there’s my little pearls of wisdom to start you all off.  Ask yourself how you can bring more things into your work life that make you happy.  And don’t forget that like attracts like so if you want to be happier, try being happier! 

I’d love to hear what you do to make yourself happier at work.

Till next time,


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