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Welcome Everybody

Sunday, 16 May 2021 15:19

Welcome everybody.  I’m very excited to be back blogging after a considerable break away.  There’s been many changes since I was last writing in this way and there’s been some seismic events going on.  My health has been very patchy but I finally feel that it is stabilising and I continue to find ways to deal with the challenges.  The global pandemic has had sweeping effects not just in terms of the disease itself but also in economic terms.  Many businesses have not been able to weather extended shutdowns or loss of trade and now that we see the opening up of marketplaces not everyone has a business to go back to.  Unemployment is high, travel is still not available to most and many people are fearful about what the future will be.

In my own businesses we have also had our share of challenges.  Office cleaning slowed, decreased and nearly stopped.  With the gradual re-opening of offices, many are still not up to capacity or are still dealing with their own shrunken turnover.  Jobkeeper allowed us to keep our staff engaged but we still have faced reductions to clients cleaning needs.  It is returning but recovery will be slow.  There are still many challenges ahead.  After gaining gallery representation (at the Manly Harbour Gallery, Brisbane) my art business weathered a little easier as it has always relied on online sales as part of my sales funnel though IRL (in real life) sales slowed dramatically and even stopped at one point.  Again, they are coming back but the market is still limited.

During COVID I did invest some time and money in education (Online of course!) One of the outcomes has been the recent establishment of The Housebound Business Community, a Facebook group for entrepreneurs who are housebound.  While that’s the focus of our community we do welcome anyone. After being housebound myself at different times, I’m keen to provide a space that is not just about information but also about connection and community and hopefully, a little fun!  You can find us at  You can also follow me on my business Facebook page, Instagram or Pinterest.  My Instagram feed tends to be mostly digital watercolours prints and products, Pinterest is collection of links to some of my work for sale, business education and topics I like such as interiors, art, architecture and food.  All of the links are at the bottom of the page.  I’m looking forward to growing the space and engaging with a bigger audience and I’d love it if you wanted to come along!

Till next time,