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Money, money, money

Saturday, 12 June 2021 12:38

Money, money, money

At the moment we’re talking about all things money in the group and it does bring up a lot of feelings.  I like talking about money and I’m really interested in it - as a subject, how to earn more of it, different ways of making it and, why there are so many hang-ups around it.

Owning multiple business I earn money in a number of ways.  As a service based business with my cleaning company, as an artist selling my work, as a landlord with rent, as a stock holder with dividends, in royalties from licensing my work for print on demand products.  I earn money online and IRL (in real life).  

I’ve had periods in my life when I’ve been living on credit, borrowing on one credit card to pay the minimum on another! And I’ve had periods when money has come easily.  Thankfully, there are fewer highs and lows now that I’m older (and hopefully just a teeny bit wiser).

I’m also interested about the conversations we have with ourselves about money.  How our family history affects our attitudes to money is also fascinating.  Did you talk about money at home when you were growing up or was it never discussed.  What were your parents and your grandparents thoughts about money.  Was your family well off or poor?  Do you feel like the attitudes your parents had about money was accurate?  Do you have the same attitudes?  When you think about making money how does it make you feel?  Stressed?  Excited?  Do you find talking about money scary or exhilarating!

Much of the self talk we have about money originates with our history about money and it can be challenging to overcome some of the stories we may have told ourselves all of our lives.  For me, I grew up in a largely working class family,  both my parents worked all my life and at times they struggled financially.  I was left with some fear and anxiety about money.  After getting myself into debt when I first started working I didn’t think I was very good with money.  

Flash forward thirty years and I’m reasonably successful.  The first step for me was to decide to be a good money manager.  I learnt about budgets and how to manage one for a household.  I had no accounting experience when we started our cleaning company beyond working in a shop and managing the petty cash and originally we kept manual accounts that I would fill in.  Now we use a computerised accounting system with integrated payroll that’s linked directly to our online banking.  

I’m a great believer in learning new things and I believe that you can learn anything from a book (or online as the case may be nowadays).  If I can learn to be a good money manager then so can you.  You just have to want to learn.  We’re currently talking about money in the group so come along if you’d like to join the conversation.  You can find us here:

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