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Story Bridge #01


Watercolor Print - Story Bridge looking south - Brisbane Cityscape

The Story Bridge’s iconic structure makes a great backdrop to the city skyscrapers. This view from the north side of the river highlights the angular steel of the bridge.

Bulimba Ferry Terminal #02


Watercolor Print - Bulimba Ferry Terminal Brisbane

The ferries that traverse the Brisbane River are a vital part of the city's transport but this terminal building at Bulimba is one of the most charming. Not only is the building lovely but its location opposite the city gives fabulous views of the skyline.

St John the Baptist Church #03


Watercolor Print - St John the Baptist Church, Bulimba - Cityscape

This lovely church in Bulimba sits quietly in Oxford Street amid the cafes and shops. The timber construction and bell tower complement perfectly with the Queenslander homes that dot the area.

Uniting Church Morningside #04


Watercolor Print - Uniting Church Morningside

This charming church is tucked away in the Brisbane suburb of Morningside. Nestled among the shady trees it's a calm oasis.

Story Bridge Hotel Brisbane #05


Watercolor Print - Story Bridge Hotel Brisbane

The iconic Story Bridge Hotel sits just below the bridge of the same name. It’s traditional Queensland architectural style makes it a popular watering hole for anyone on the south side of the river.

Queens Gardens Brisbane #06


Watercolor Print - Queens Gardens Brisbane

One of the lovely green spaces in the middle of the city Queens Gardens provides a wonderful oasis amid the skyscrapers. Named in honour of Queen Victoria, whose statue graces one end of the garden.

Brisbane & the Victoria Bridge #07


Watercolor Print - Brisbane Cbd & Victoria Bridge

The city of Brisbane makes a lovely backdrop when seen against the greenery of Southbank Parklands. You can just make out the Victoria Bridge amongst the shrubs.

At the Base of Kangaroo Point Cliffs #08


Watercolor Print - At the Base of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

Kangaroo Point Cliffs are not just a great vantage point for the city but today are used for many outdoor activities like abseiling, outdoor climbing and cycling. The sculptures originated at the 1988 Brisbane Expo.

Brisbane from the Art Gallery #09


Watercolor Print - Brisbane from the Art Gallery

Walking along Brisbane’s Southbank there are many spots to take in the views of the city. Outside the art gallery is just one of them. This view with the bike just makes me think of living in Brisbane.

Walking on Wynnum Jetty #10


Watercolor Print - At the Base of Kangaroo Point Cliffs

A man and his dog. I love the way the dog is looking up at his companion. The light reminds me of a summer morning as it hits the shoulders!

Brisbane Palace Backpackers #11


Watercolor Print - Brisbane Palace Backpackers

The Palace Backpackers is one of the few backpackers that is based right in the heart of a major capital city. Surrounded by high rise buildings its traditional Queensland frontage is part of what gives Brisbane it's charm.

The Story Bridge #12


Watercolor Print - Story Bridge Brisbane

The Story Bridge opened in Brisbane in 1940 and remains one of the main access points across the Brisbane River. It's cantilever structure began in 1935 yet it remains an iconic image of the city.

Rusting in Wynnum Creek #13


Watercolor Print - Rusting in Wynnum Creek

There's a number of old boats in Wynnum Creek. Some abandoned, some not but they do all add to the atmosphere.

The Other Perfect Spot 2 #14


Watercolor Print - The Other Perfect Spot 2

Late afternoon on the esplanade. Can't you smell the sea air?

The Perfect Spot #15


Watercolor Print - The Perfect Spot

I love this image which is taken from the end of the Wynnum Jetty. People go out to the end to fish, to walk or just to enjoy the view.

Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower #16


Watercolor Print - Brisbane City Hall Clock Tower

The clock tower of the Brisbane City Hall is a city icon. I love the almost silhouette of this image as the sun is setting and the warm glow over the building.

Early Morning Canooers #17


Watercolor Print - Early Morning Canooers

Taken in the early morning light, these canooers were taking advantage of the morning down at Wynnum.

Albert Street Uniting Church #18


Watercolor Print - Albert Street Uniting Church Brisbane

A lot of the great buildings you find in cities are churches and this one in Brisbane is one of my favourites. The gothic arches and the tower combine for a great front facade. Perched high on a corner, it's colour means it's not dominated by the skyscrapers that surround it.

The Grand stand at Bulimba Memorial Park #19


Watercolor Print - The Grandstand at Bulimba Memorial Park

Memorial Park is the focal point as you travel through Bulimba. Used by families, picnickers and exercise junkies, the historic grandstand makes an easy meeting point.

Bulimba Cafe #20


Watercolor Print - Bulimba Cafe

Bulimba is a hub of cafe culture and is dotted with lots of great little places. This one overlooking Memorial Park provides a great spot for people watching and wasting the day.

The Woolstores from Bulimba #21


Watercolor Print - The Woolstores from Bulimba

This view of the historic Brisbane Woolstores was taken from just next to the Bulimba Ferry Terminal. Looking across the river towards the city reminds me of why the river has always been such an important part of the city's transport system.

Wynnum Jetty Early Morning #22


Watercolor Print - Wynnum Jetty Early Morning

As the sun rises the shades on the end of the jetty are shown in silhouette and the light on the water turns silver. On foggy mornings, like this one, the line between sea and sky disappears.

Late Afternoon Walk on the Esplanade #23


Watercolor Print - Late Afternoon Walk on the Esplanade

Theres no place lovelier than Wynnum Esplanade in the late afternoon.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens #24


Watercolor Print -  Brisbane Botanic Gardens

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens are perfectly situated on the banks of the Brisbane River. During the hot summer months they provide a cool oasis that you can walk to from the city. Green palms provide a shady spot for lunch. You can just see the city skyscrapers in the background

Manly Marinae #25


Watercolor Print -  Manly Marina

As one of the largest Marinas in the Southern Hemisphere, the Manly Marina is home to some pretty impressive boats. It's also a stunning looking spot!

Customs House Brisbane #26


Watercolor Print -  Customs House

With its signature copper dome Customs House is one of the most recognisable historic buildings in Brisbane. Still in use today, it’s beautiful when seen from the street or the river.

Breakfast Creek Hotel #27


Watercolor Print -  Breakfast Creek Hotel 

The Breakfast Creek Hotel was built in 1889 and has had a colourful life. Still operating today it’s one of the top spots for a steak when you’re in Brisbane. Oh and they also have a rum bar!

Wynnum Creek #28


Watercolor Print - Wynnum Creek

Wynnum Creek has a great atmosphere. At different times of the day the mood can change completely. The boats leaning against the banks remind me of lazy, forgotten days.

Buliba Ferry from the Riverwalk #29


Watercolor Print - Bulimba Ferry from the Riverwalk

The iconic Bulimba Ferry Terminal looks great from any angle but I love this one taken from the river walkway where you can clearly see the water lapping.

Manly Boat Harbour #30


Watercolor Print -  Manly Boat Harbour

Filled with an impressive mix of ocean going boats, the boat harbour is a beautiful backdrop to the Manly foreshore. As the sea breeze blows through the rigging of the boats there's a strange wind music to accompany the bobbing boats.